[1080p HD] Cherie Deville, Ricky Spanish Stuck On Your Mom [BRAZZERS]

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Published: 15 Apr at 11:43 AM
Duration: 36:06
Release Date: April 15, 2020
Site: Mommy Got Boobs

Hot MILF Cherie Deville invites her daughter and daughter’s boyfriend (Ricky Spanish) over. It turns out that Ricky's girlfriend has been mercilessly pranking him lately and she has no intention of stopping while at her mom's home. When Ricky puts some glue-sabotaged lotion on his hands to jerk off, he gets a hand stuck to his cock! And then his other hand gets stuck to Cherie's tits, when she comes to check on him... leaving the pair stuck in an awkward and sexy situation! Using a mix of water, soap and willpower, Cherie finally separates them. Once they're free, Cherie and Ricky decide to get a bit of revenge by fucking each other.

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