Desiree Dulce - Overflowing Stacks

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Published: 13 Nov at 05:43 AM
Duration: 31:05
Desiree Dulce is a software engineer. And, being the smoking hot woman she is, other STEM field employees tend to give her the wrong attitude. Probably slept through school? Doesn’t know the difference between front end and back end? Wrong, motherfucker.

Desiree Dulce has the body and the brains! So when little shit stains like Milton give her lip, she delivers wit as sharp as her contouring. After beating down the local incels, Desiree Dulce likes to stay late and earn some extra side hustle – camming. Earnin’ engineering money during the day, emptying engineer’s wallets at night! But sometimes Desiree Dulce’s private shows aren’t as secret as she thinks… That is the case today when Desiree Dulce get caught by Alex Legend.