Payton Presley - Ripe Scented Soles [Femdom, Foot Worship, Feet Licking, Chastity, Boot, Stockings]

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Published: 17 Feb at 09:56 PM
Duration: 13:12
Mistress Payton Presley orders her slave to crawl to her feet and show just how pathetic of a man he can be. She wants him to worship the lowest part of her body ordering him to lick her leather stiletto boots before demanding to have them removed. She has been wearing them all day and shoves her boot in his face forcing him to take in the aroma of her scent. He will always remember exactly what his Mistress''s stocking covered feet smell like as the scent will stay with him forever. Just smelling her sweaty boots and feet aren''t enough for the bitch as she smothers his face with her sheer stocking covered soles. Doormats will have the stench of smelly feet on and in them at all times as Mistress Payton shoves her toes deep in his mouth. There is no escaping from her extra ripe stocking covered feet when you are just a doormat to a Mistress.